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It’s difficult to try and relay all that was done and eaten in New York last week but will share a few highlights. Firstly, the hotel. Could not recommend The Ace Hotel (@TheAceHotel) near Broadway any more. Unbelieveably cool interior, lobby and helpful staff, super huge and comfortable bed, spotlessly clean room. Everyone should stay there. At the hotel’s John Dory Oyster bar, I ate raw sushi-style scallop and sea bream with fennel pollen, tried miticrema cheese, and a delicious spiced crab and coconut soup.  Outside of the hotel, I drank a fresh greens, celery, parsley, lemon, ginger, O.J. & echinacea smoothie from Siggy’s in Brooklyn and ate a pear & ginger muffin from @BirdbathBakery. Central Park in the Spring was bursting with bright tulips, cute children on scooters and french bulldogs. A perfect place to sit and people-watch. This 2nd time visiting New York, I went up the top of the Rockafeller Centre which was in my opinion, a better experience the the Empire State, and gave a brilliant 360 view over a clear and sunny city. The Museum of Modern Art was as amazing as I hoped it would be; stunning works from Matisse, Miro, Picasso and Mondrian, as well as designer furniture and an exhibition all about my favourite room in the home, the kitchen. To take a look at all my photos from the trip, see


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