A Big Weekend in South Wales


This weekend was a big weekend for a couple of reasons; firstly, as my family and I were celebrating my Mamgu’s 90th birthday (‘Mamgu’ is Welsh for Grandma) and secondly, because of the huge amounts of indulgent food we ate! After cream cakes, scones, eclairs and sandwiches at a birthday afternoon tea with my family, I then found myself eating tempura prawns, onion rings and pork ribs in sharing platters in the evening at a sea-front pub/restaurant. Sunday’s food fest continued with a Welsh breakfast (bacon, fried egg, grilled tomato, sausage, laverbread and cockles) then a mid-day snack by the beach of dinky donuts and a tub of locally made honey & stem ginger ice cream! All wonderfully delicious but I’m planning low-fat meals this week! I’d made some Lavender biscuits for my Grandma but they were especially for her own enjoyment at home with a cuppa. A great weekend with family, food and sunshine and nice that the sunshine is at home this week – doesn’t quite beat being on the South Wales coast though!


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