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Review: The Spark Cafe Bar, Lichfield

SparkReviewLast Saturday evening, after having been thoroughly unsuccessful at finding lemongrass stalks to make a fragrant noodle soup recipe I had planned, my husband and I thought we’d eat out. Looking online, specifically at places to eat in Lichfield, we saw that the Spark Cafe Bar had an offer on during April for dining after 6.30pm so we booked a table. We had been here for coffee and tea before but wanted to try the largely locally sourced menu. It was nice to go somewhere we’d not eaten at before too.

We ordered a burger with chunky chips and a de-constructed Cesar salad with a side of sweet potato chips. Both were really tasty and presented well. I especially liked the super ripe vine tomatoes, anchovies and fresh crispy lettuce leaves – the freshness of vegetables often something I don’t like in some eateries (I complained at Jamie’s Italian recently for more than a little tired and browned lettuce leaves)

Small details like a great music playlist, jelly beans with our bill, and the vintage cabinet full of board games (we played a quick game of Connect 4 while we waited for our food) made it a nice experience. The only down side was the Spark’s lack of a dessert menu – they don’t serve any apart from offering a slice of cake, a cookie or a pastry from the bar. Fine if you’re not a dessert person but we always like to look at the dessert menu at least! We ordered a macciato and an organic jasmine green tea to end our meal. On the whole, we enjoyed the pleasant service and fresh food. We’ll be returning soon for more food and future events.


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