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Town Mill Bakery

TownMillBakeryWhile on holiday in Dorset last week, I found a wonderful bakery and cafe in Lyme Regis – the Town Mill Bakery, which was a perfect escape from a heavy coastal downpour. Industrial lighting, plywood board walls, a Jackson Pollock-esque painting and a corregated roof made it feel very raw and edgy. Mugs hung from the strip lighting above the long benched seating area and containers of seeds and bags of flour were under shelves of warm loaves. The baking ovens were all exposed at the back of the bakery so you could see the fresh bakes come straight out of the oven to be placed on the table for customers to help themselves to. I had a strong ‘builders’ tea with a giant scone topped with masses of butter and homemade plum and apple jam from a jar. It was super good, and I savoured every mouthful as we waited for the rain outside to stop. Just before we left, a baker brought out a huge tray of (again, giant) eccles cakes out of the oven with the currrants still hot and bubbling out from the top. It would have been wrong to have left without buying one to eat later…


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