Guest Post

January’s Has Bean Coffee

HasBeanJanFor Christmas, I bought my husband Matt a year’s coffee subscription from Stafford based coffee roasters Has Bean who sends him a different pack of freshly roasted coffee beans each month. He loved the first pack of beans so much I’ve encouraged him to write a monthly guest post so he can not only make a note of his experience with each one, but also to suggest great new coffees for fellow coffee-lovers, so here’s January’s…

January’s coffee was Colombia El Meridiano. According to Has Bean’s website it’s their current top-seller, although that might have something to do with the fact that it’s this month’s subscriber’s coffee…

The coffee comes in bean form so that it retains its freshness for longer. Opening a fresh pack of coffee is one of the great joys in life as the smell wafts out, and beans smell even fresher than ground coffee. Colombia El Meridiano smells and tastes full bodied but not too rich. It’s the kind of coffee that works great as a morning cuppa or as a perfect afternoon pick-me-up. In fact I enjoyed it most on those cold January afternoons. And it’s very moreish, maybe because it’s quite sweet.

The notes provided by Has Bean on the front of the pack state:

“In the cup its it retains the jammyness but is more doughnut like than jammy dodger of the decaf version. Its like a toned down version cleaner, but less volume”

Which to be honest sounds like nonsense to me (as well as being grammatically poor). However a quick look on the Has Bean website gives some much more useful information including grading sweetness, acidity, balance, aftertaste etc (as well as ‘mouthfeel’ – no, I don’t know what that is either). The website also reveals the origin of the coffee. In this case the coffee is a specially selected micro lot of coffee from the Tolima region of Colombia. It comes from a small growers cooperative with only 58 members, and that this lot was made by 16 of them. The knowledge of exactly where my coffee has come from (including the names of the cooperative members!) really adds to the experience.

So that’s it for January. The bag lasted 3 weeks so I’ll have to find something else to drink until February’s pack arrives. I’m switching to a bag of Ethiopean coffee that a friend brought back from a work’s trip over there. If you’re interested to know what that’s like, it’s heavy and very smoky.


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