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Book Review : Material World, The Modern Craft Bible


I’m pretty excited to share this book review post with you. When I read the title and saw the bright typographic cover, I was immediately keen to read it – ‘Material World, The Modern Craft Bible’ is a new book by crafter, journalist and editor Perri Lewis. A girl who has always made stuff like myself, Perri has now fully immersed herself into the London craft scene and in turn, absorbed all the latest trends to showcase nicely into this colourful book.

Her attitude to crafting is a lot like mine, and also very much like my style of cooking – ‘I like to think of this as the Jamie Oliver approach to craft. Whack in a bit extra of what you fancy, cut back on the elements you don’t like, or don’t have handy…’
This approach may sound like it has the potential to turn out a little haphazard and into a less-than-perfect end result but I’ve always found this the most creative and organic way of making things, and as Perri says ‘…so long as what you end up with is perfect for you…’

‘Material World’ focuses on 15 craft techniques and contains masterclass advice and case studies from professional crafters like Philip Tracey, Lara Bohinc and Emma Bridgewater to name but a few. These different techniques encourage you to create your own individual projects rather than following a set pattern which brings with it huge freedom and inspiration to pick up old techniques or learn brand new ones. It highlights common problems faced, how to resolve them, and also goes through the step-by-step basics using simple illustration.
The design and layout of the book is bright and clean and I’m especially partial to a bit of illustrated, patterned and stitched lettering. Unlike any craft book I’ve read before, this is one that I would happily buy for friends or family, but who may not have done any crafting before. It provides such a depth and range of ideas that I can’t imagine anyone not feeling motivated to create something amazing after reading it.

£18.99, original paperpack, Virgin Books
This is not a sponsored or paid review. Perri simply sent me the book to review and I was more than happy to write about it for her.


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