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March’s Has Bean Coffee

HasBeanMarchFirstly, apologies for the lack of a February review. Having started out with good intentions in January, I just never got around to writing February’s and can’t remember what the coffee was now. Whatever it was, it was strong, robust, and quite bitter.

March’s coffee from Has Bean is Plantanillo Maragogype Washed from Guatemala. It’s quite a hard one to get right, but when you do it’s lovely. The outstanding feature of this coffee, when brewed well, is its sweetness. I have a sweet tooth so this suits me down to the ground, but others might find it a little too sweet. A big thumbs up from me though for this coffee, and hats off to Stuardo Coto Markus, the estate owner.

A few things to mention about this coffee. First off, Tim Anderson, recent winner of Masterchef, tweeted Has Bean to say he was struggling to get the best out of it and asked for advice. Has Bean replied suggesting that he should simply use more of it. If in doubt I suppose, just stick more coffee into the cafetiere/filter, but in this case the taste really is improved by using more coffee than normal.

Secondly I found that this coffee quickly deteriorates after grinding. The best coffee connoisseurs will tell me that I should drink immediately after grinding, but I usually keep a little pot of ground beans on the go for a few days.

The final thing to mention about this coffee is that the beans are huge. Apparently this doesn’t seem to influence the taste but it’s an interesting characteristic nonetheless.

Matt @matthew_emery


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