Charity Shop Find: Smiths Enfield Mantle Clock

EnfieldClockI’ve been on the look out for a new clock to sit on our mantlepiece in the lounge. The one we have currently was a quick and cheap purchase from Matalan and I’ve simply gotten a little bored of it. Today, I popped into my local Oxfam and spotted this Smiths Enfield mantle clock. I don’t know much about Smiths clocks, only that they were a popular makers throughout the 20’s through to the 50’s. I can’t find anything about this specific style of clock online, but I do know that it’s very pretty and prices for them can range between £65 and £100.

It works fairly well – it ticks and chimes and comes with a wind-up key, but has stopped a few times already so may need to see a clock repairs person. The details on the wooden frame and clock face are charming and I’m always partial to a good typeface or number shape. It was marked up for £18.99 but the assistant seemed excited that I had a liking for old things (maybe she’s spotted me in there multiple times before) and so said I could have it for £12. I couldn’t resist it’s charms, nor a discounted price!


2 thoughts on “Charity Shop Find: Smiths Enfield Mantle Clock

  1. What a find! A fine example of a handmade wooden mantel clock. Is it in functioning order? If so, it’d attract a higher price to the right buyer. Lovely to find such stunning quality timepieces, they are timeless (excuse the pun).

  2. kathy hilton says:

    I have the exact clock which belonged to my mother in law it has all the pieces but will need it to be taken into a clock repairer to be fixed and cleaned, didmt know it had any value until I read about them. It eill definitely be passed onto the next generation.

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