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The Curio Shop

After hearing about The Curio Shop in Walsall from a couple of friends, I have been meaning to go as it sounded just my kind of shop. Today, I managed to pop in and take a few photos to do this little blog post – the first of two posts where I attempt to show places worth visiting in Walsall over this weekend if you live locally, or to take note of for wheneveTheCurioShopr you’re passing.

My hometown of Walsall isn’t famous for being a shopping destination or even a destination particularly! The best place worth a visit there for me is the New Art Gallery which currently has a Damien Hirst exhibition on. Walsall is however going through some changes, and improvements are being made, including in the Arboretum which is now a haven in a busy town, and one of my favourite places to walk around. Maybe I can blog about that another day, but for now, these posts will hopefully shine a positive light on what’s known to be a bit of a run-down and depressing town.

The Curio Shop is a small two storey shop set just off the top of the market. It is crammed to bursting of virtually anything and everything vintage and has only space enough for one person to look around at one time, or in single file! If you enjoy rummaging around to find good quality one-off items, and don’t want to spend a fortune, then it’s ideal. I had my eye on multiple wooden crates in good condition, found some amazing 70’s metal coasters and shot glasses, and items in their original (and wonderful) packaging. I was a little heavy laden so did well to not knock anything over as I carefully made my way up the narrow stairs, although, once up, I did nearly kick over a ceramic dog! Already planning to go back soon to have a proper look at the wooden crates. You never know, after telling them about this post, I may get a bigger bargain if I ask nicely.


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