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Book Review: 1940s Fashion

1940sFashionCarlton Books have kindly sent me the latest of their hard-backed definitive fashion source books for me to review. I was delighted to see this one featured the 1940s – possibly my favourite fashion era for the effortless ease of style every woman seemed to be able to wear then. Full of beautiful original illustrations and photography, the books spans the whole of the 40s era, including the time of Make Do and Mend war austerity and stunning Hollywood glamour. The book also contains biographies of top influential designers like Dior, Balmain and Nina Ricci who shaped the world of fashion at that time.

It’s so interesting to see how so much of the innovative 40s fashion styles and ways to wear accessories has come flying back into current fashion trends. From head scarves, scalloped edged fabrics to high waisted belts and rounded collars, the love for all things vintage seems to have consumed the high street and no one is ever far from a vintage clothes fair event going on at a weekend. I personally like to look in the charity shops to find originals at a bargain price while donating to the charity – it’s a win/win situation! There are some great finds to come across at fairs too, and if you have a keen eye, can check the garment for any imperfections and don’t mind bartering a little, you can leave with some special additions to your wardrobe. Get inspired before you next hit a vintage fair or charity shop by taking an effortlessly easy look through this lovely book.

£30, Goodman Fiell,


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