Buying Vintage Gifts

vickysvintagegiftsLast week it was a friend’s birthday who I have bought vintage gifts for before, but this time I was super pleased with what I found for her. The first thing I found was a square floral silk scarf from a charity shop and knew she’d love the pattern and colours. Then I found this boxed set of sherry glasses at a local vintage fair which couldn’t have been more perfect for her – she is moving to Spain in a few months and I thought these would be ideal for drinking and sharing traditional Spanish sherry when she moves (and also for using before she leaves of course!)

My tips for buying vintage gifts are:

Always make sure the item you like is is great condition before you buy, especially if it’s for a gift. If the item/items are unused in it’s original packaging then even better.

Check inside pots/tins you might like to store food stuffs in that they are clean and free of any rust, and that any rubber seals aren’t hard or cracked.

You can barter with a stall owner at a fair to get a better price but never barter in a charity shop, remember it’s a charity shop afterall!

If you think it’s over-priced, don’t feel pressured to buy it. Set yourself a budget of what you’d normally spend on a gift and try to stick to it.


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