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Book Sale Find – The Druimard Cook Book

DruimardCookbookI’m always attracted by a book with strong typefaces on the cover, even more so when I find out they’re old cook books I could add to my ever-growing collection.

The Druimard Cook Book is a sweet, pseronal collection of favourite dishes put together by Barrie and Marianne Hesketh who built Mull Little Theatre from the shell of an old byre (cowshed) in 1963. The theatre began as the Thursday Theatre, an entertainment for the paying guests of the Druimard Guest House on the Isle of Mull in the Inner Scottish Hebrides. It grew in reputation and officially became “Smallest Professional Theatre in the World” according to the Guinness World Records The last performance in the original Little Theatre was given in 2006.

Here’s a summery dessert recipe from it using peaches and meringue, copied word for word from the book. I’ll be making this tonight!


Peaches – 1 can.

Egg Whites – from 3 eggs.

Demerara Sugar – 3 tablespoons.

Ground Ginger – half teaspoon (this gives strong ginger taste).

1. Drain the peaches well. This is very important and it is a good idea to finish process by ‘blotting’ them in absorbent kitchen paper.

2. Lay peaches in a Pyrex dish

3. Cover with a stiffly beaten meringue, into which is whisked the brown sugar and ginger.

4. Bake in a moderate oven for 35 minutes.

If your family has not got a very sweet tooth you will probably find 2 tablespoons of sugar better than 3. We have put demerara sugar in the recipe as this gives a crisp meringue and most people seem to prefer it. For our own table, however, we always use soft brown sugar in the meringue. This gives a gooey toffee topping which we like very much. We also like an extra heaped teaspoon of ginger mixed well with the peaches before the meringue mixture is put over them. The juice which comes out of the peaches during the cooking turns into a sort of syrupy ginger beer – delicious!


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