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Interior Design and My Home

MyHomeI started decorating and adapting spaces from the age of 16 when my parents gave me free reign to decorate my bedroom. A keen ‘Changing Rooms’ watcher, I got creative with silver spray paint on my radiator, hot pink walls with hand painted graphic shapes, and upcycled an old wooden desk. It was pretty extreme but it wasn’t for me at the time (although hot pink was a brave choice of colour and a talking point!) I loved doing it, the whole process of a blank canvas to work from.

Making my home a place with individuality, character, makes people smile to be in is important, as we like entertaining. My style is a mix of bright modern and vintage with accents of colour and pattern. Yellow is my favourite colour at the moment – I’m mixing it with blue in my lounge and grey, black and white in my bedroom. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on things, and tend to find the best items for my house from charity shops or secondhand. I have recently spontaneously applied to be on a new BBC 2 programme to find Britain’s best amateur interior designer and had interest from Ideal Home about my interior designing. Not sure whether anything will happen with either of them, but will see! What’s your style and how do you make your house a home?


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