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Made By… Pop-Up Shop

MadeBy…Pop-UpShop1Over the past few weeks, I have been super busy having meetings and email discussions with fellow Made By… group members in preparation for the opening of our pop-up shop in the local town of Walsall. Yesterday the transformed empty retail unit shop opened it’s doors and I feel a warm glow after working so hard in helping to make it a reality. A reality that has had a wonderful response from everyone who has seen it.

Made By... are a collective of artists, makers and designers who run workshops, creative projects and open pop-up shops. My roles were to re-brand, design the publicity and style the shop where we were selling our handmade and printed products, and vintage furniture from a local curio shop. I loved finding inspiration and creatively planning how the shop should look, and even though the 2 days setting up was exhausting, I was in my element as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. The local council have been running a scheme to fill empty shop spaces for a few months now so we utilised this opportunity to have our own shop again as last November the group had a pop-up shop in a different unit.

Upcycling and recycling played a massive part in the shop’s styling. Two cabinets were kindly donated by Sp4ce originally from an old school, and as a group, we got together one evening last week and made our labels and paper decorations for the shop using old magazines, newspapers and waste cardboard.

The shop is open until Sunday 27th in the Saddlers Centre, Walsall. Find out more and see photos on Facebook


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