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Ideal Home Magazine Feature, April 2014


Last year, I emailed Ideal Home Magazine a few snaps of my home after they tweeted asking to see reader homes. I’d already taken some photos as was applying for an interior design program on the BBC at the time. I bearly expected a “Thank you for sending your photos, what a lovely home you have” email, let alone a “We love your home and would like to come and photograph it for the magazine” email!

The writer and photographer came and spent the day at my house back in October 2013 so it’s seemed a long wait to see the photos and article culminate in the April 2014 printed magazine. As I’m not a subscriber, it was a bit frustrating knowing that hundreds of other people were reading the feature before me! I eventually got the magazine today, and above is the spread. Very exciting to be featured, and nice to know that the love and creativity I’ve put into designing my home has been recognized in this way. The issue should be available in the shops from today until the end of the month.


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