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Foraged Wild Garlic Pesto


How nice it was for Spring to say hello this weekend. How nice it was too, on Sunday morning, to collect pungent bright green leaves of wild garlic sprouting out from the sunshine dappled woodland floor to turn into a simple pesto.

I used two handfuls of wild garlic leaves for the pesto. I firstly washed and blanched them in boiling water for a few seconds then blitz them with a couple of tablespoons of sunflower seeds, a little fresh parsley, rapeseed oil, salt and pepper. I would’ve also added a good tablespoon of parmesan but didn’t have any in.

The pesto was such a welcome addition to a simple lunch of boiled potatoes and leeks with lemon roasted chicken thighs. The subtle garlicky flavour really lifted the whole meal. I need to do more of this from-ground-to-plate-in-less-than-2-hours business. For me, it’s a case of being a bit more confident and knowledgeable in what I’m picking and from where. More advice from the regular foragers I know will help with that!


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