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Thrifty Finds


It’s been a long time since I posted about my thrifty finds. I now tend to take a quick snap of something and upload it onto Instagram which has become a less time consuming type of blogging to me. I thought the other day though, that it would be nice to do a little post about some recent charity shop and Ebay finds. So here we are…

The spotted cotton shirt I found in my local St Giles Hospice shop for £3. It seems to have been hand sewn from scratch as there are no labels. I just love the bow at the front. Will come in handy as a nursing shirt too! The oversized vintage M&S blouse was from also from St Giles, and should make a nice light maternity blouse for the Summer and beach cover-up post-pregnancy. It was £5 and isn’t the type of pattern I usually go for, but I was drawn to it for some reason – probably the symmetrical nature of the pattern! Finally, my £2.50 Ebay find – a Gordon Stowell illustrated children’s book filled with inspiring bright images and simple wording. I can’t wait to show and read this to the little one in the future!


Charity Shop Find: Smiths Enfield Mantle Clock

EnfieldClockI’ve been on the look out for a new clock to sit on our mantlepiece in the lounge. The one we have currently was a quick and cheap purchase from Matalan and I’ve simply gotten a little bored of it. Today, I popped into my local Oxfam and spotted this Smiths Enfield mantle clock. I don’t know much about Smiths clocks, only that they were a popular makers throughout the 20’s through to the 50’s. I can’t find anything about this specific style of clock online, but I do know that it’s very pretty and prices for them can range between £65 and £100.

It works fairly well – it ticks and chimes and comes with a wind-up key, but has stopped a few times already so may need to see a clock repairs person. The details on the wooden frame and clock face are charming and I’m always partial to a good typeface or number shape. It was marked up for £18.99 but the assistant seemed excited that I had a liking for old things (maybe she’s spotted me in there multiple times before) and so said I could have it for £12. I couldn’t resist it’s charms, nor a discounted price!

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Charity Shop Find: Vintage Coffee/Gravy Lidded jug

gravyjugI was super pleased to find this Suffolk made earthenware jug today for £6.99 in one of my local charity shops. I have been looking for the perfect vessel to serve gravy in for ages and most gravy boats I found were far too small when more than 2 friends or family come over for dinner. Yes, I am aware this was actually originally made for serving coffee but with the added bonus of a lid this will keep my gravy warmer for longer and save me trips to the microwave when everyone else has already started tucking into their roast dinners!

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{Vintage Finds} Vinyl Records and a Suitcase

As mentioned in my Cotswold post from last week, these are the vintage finds I picked up during my stay. The original vintage trunk/suitcase I found in pretty Stow on the Wold shop, As Long as It Sparkles and is going to be perfect for displaying my handmade cards at future craft fairs. The vinyl records were 50p each from a charity shop in Broadway, bought purely for their great printed paper sleeves and typography. I’m planning to turn the Parlophone vinyl into a bowl like this.

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Patterned Charity Shop Finds

I was in my local town this morning taking photos for a book cover design I’m working on, and just couldn’t resist browsing in the charity shops before I left. Found a beautiful wooden rocking chair that, with a little sanding and a lick of white paint would be perfect for a nursery room, but instead chose to come home with a deep green vintage ‘Sadler’ pottery vase and an 80% wool fairisle long jumper. Two very lovely buys.